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There are so many great eco-conscious businesses in Cumbria trying to connect with you and your desire to reduce your plastic consumption. This directory is for you. If you wish to add your business or know of one which needs to be added here, please contact us and give us the details.

Products sold in Cumbria which are sustainable and cause minimal harm to the environment


Florists in Cumbria which are plastic free

Find health food, natural foods and zero waste stores and stalls in Cumbria. 

Find local suppliers of eco products for your hospitality business

Catering establishments which are adopting sustainable products and using less single-use plastic

Household Products

Cleaning and domestic products for your home that are eco-friendly and reduce your plastic consumption

Eco Clothing

Clothing which is handmade, recycled, plastic free, preloved and fair trade.

Find local farm shops, delivery boxes and grocers all trying to make a difference by reducing single-use packaging and the use of plastic food bags.

Cumbria has many local action groups all working towards reducing single-use plastic in our lives. Find your local group, get involved, attend events and keep us posted on their great work via our Facebook page.

Milk in Glass Bottles & Deliveries in Cumbria

Many people are changing from buying their milk in plastic containers at the supermarket to having it delivered to their doorstep in returnable glass bottles. 

There are many local and national companies which are trying to reduce plastic packaging, use natural ingredients, ditch nasty chemicals and smell gorgeous

Many companies are providing alternatives to your single-use plastic storage options.

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