@2018 SPCmarinemarketing

Plastic Free Cumbria is a community of people interested in reducing their individual consumption of single-use plastic as well as campaigning for businesses to do the same.

Cumbria is where people come to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether it is on a short holiday or choosing to live in this wonderful county. We have a coastline, spectacular mountains and stunning lakes. We do not want them spoilt by plastic pollution.

The idea to start a group came about after a few discussions about the action by organisations to reduce their single-use plastic packaging not happening soon enough.

Marcia, Heidi & Anne Frith started the Facebook Group and within a week it had grown to nearly 4,000 members. Nearly 1% of the population of Cumbria. This sent out a strong message that most of the members of the group were feeling the same frustration.

Many great ideas and tips are posted daily on the group as well as upcoming sustainability events. This site hopes to bring all this excellent work together to provide information for those interested in being more active in affecting change to reduce single-use plastics in the World today.